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*Located in Panama City and Destin


Saltwater Guides

8 Hour Guide

We recommend an 8 hour guide.

8 Hours allows us to target a larger array of species. We do our best to get you on as many fish as we can and recommend taking an 8 hour guide based on feeding habits of fish and travel time.

Our goal is to provide a higher quality guide that allows the fishermen aboard our vessel to gain more of an understanding of what we are doing and why. We then turn the reigns over to the you and allow you to make the decisions(with our guidance) that bring in those bragging rights.


There's no better feeling than knowing the choices you made led to the catch you landed. We know that...

Book in advance and reserve your dates!


8 Hours on the water! (recommended) A full day trip allows us more time to get to a broader range of spots that could produce better luck getting on higher quality fish....
DESTIN / FULL DAY - 8 Hour Guide
8 hr
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