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Tax Collector

There's always someone who wants that reef donkey more than you! You have to work hard to take home the prize.

Slammin' Reef Donkeys

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Couldn't have had a better day with these fine fishermen. Everybody went home with a smile after this one.

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Fishermen's Tales

Fishermen's Tale

The Captain's King

King Mackerel caught on the PCB pier

What a fight this was... While ripping a 3 oz. spoon off the bottom, a King smashed what it thought was lunch and screamed out towards open water. After a 20 minute battle the King was almost within gaffing range when a dolphin spotted an easy meal. Realizing my King was on a dolphin's dinner plate, I opened my bell and watched as my line spit a trail of water out towards open water. It only took 15 seconds for the King to run out 200 yards of line. I had 2 options, let it spool me or close the bell. I popped the bell closed and the King came flying up 10 feet out of the water. After the long battle and run he was done. For some reason the surfaced King seemed much less appealing to the dolphin and rather than take the free meal it followed the King all the way in until the gaff hit the water. 

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